The Laserworld PL-20.000RGB show laser light is completely equipped with diodes and has a good white balance, with linear color fading behaviour and high visibility.
The device can be controlled over ILDA and is graphics capable:

Advantages of the Laserworld PL-20.000RGB laser light are:

  • a low-cost yet powerful solution for power demanding laser applications
  • great for large nightclubs, big stages, concerts and festivals
  • brilliant colors with great linear color fading behavior
  • ideal for long distance beam shows and basic graphics projections

The Laserworld PL-20.000RGB has a beam diameter of about 6.5 mm and beam divergence of only 1.3 mrad.
Guaranteed output power at aperture is 18'000mW. 5'000 mW / 638 nm (red), 4'500 mW / 520 nm (green), 10'000 mW / 450 nm (blue).
Fast scanners work at a speed of 30

Potencia Garantizada Tras Óptica:
18000 mW
Potencia Rojo:
5'000 mW / 638 nm
Potencia Verde:
4'500 mW / 520 nm
Potencia Azul:
10'000 mW / 450 nm
Clase de Láser:
Especificaciones del Haz:
aprox. 6.5 mm / 1.3 mrad
30 kpps@8°ILDA
Ángulo de Escaneo:
60° max.
Fuente de Láser:
Modos de Funcionamiento:
Llave, Cable de alimentación, Manual
Fuente de Alimentación:
internal Fuente de alimentación
Consumo Eléctrico:
260 W
497 x 330 x 215 mm (L x W x H)
27 kg